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Personal Care

DoctorOur GP is part of Penarth Integrated Care Team and takes care of all our residents wherever they are registered. A clinic is held at the home twice a week and the doctor always makes time to consult with the residents’ relatives. If any resident is unwell the GP will visit as required.

Psychiatric Clinic
A psychiatric clinic is held at the home once a month for those residents who have any mental health concerns.

The home is attended regularly by an NHS dentist who will undertake most treatment in-house. On some occasions, the dentist will require the resident to attend a dental practice for specific treatment, which is organised by the staff at the Waverley and accompanied by a care assistant.

A regular service is provided in house by a mobile practice specialising in delivering services to care homes. There is a high standard of assessment undertaken and a speedy turnaround service for new spectacles.

Our physiotherapist assesses all new residents and sets up a programme that is undertaken on a daily basis by our three physio aides.

Our aromatherapist visits twice a week to provide therapy as often as required, for which there is an additional charge. This form of therapy requires consent by the resident and/or relatives, due to the use of essential oils.

  There are a number of small hair salons, with the hairdresser coming in three times a week for residents to receive her services as they wish. Our hairdresser also delivers her services in individual resident's rooms as required.

Feet and hands
 – The chiropodist visits regularly and sees all residents every six weeks or more often as required. The care staff are always happy to do manicures.